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Media :: Damien - Yesterday at 23:49
Namie on Music Fighter (January 06)

Namie was on Music Fighter on January 6 and she left a short message after they had showed clips of an episode that aired during the summer of 2005, and during which Namie went shopping in Shibuya. Namie looked really cute, yet a bit tired, in this short clip! A bing thank you to another_truth for sharing it! You can download this clip here or here (Credit : another_truth)

Schedule :: Damien - Yesterday at 18:10
Schedule for the upcoming weeks

Here is Namie's schedule for the upcoming weeks, from her official site. I decided to put in a separate entry since it looked awkward below the information about the official site itself. TV appearances have yet to be announced. Namie will appear in a lot of magazines in the upcoming weeks!

- Ray (1/23)
- Monthly the Television (1/24)
- GISELe (1/28)
- FLOOR net (1/30)
- WOOFIN' (1/30)
- Cawaii (2/1)
- WOOFIN'girl (2/7)
- BLENDA (2/7)
- S Cawaii (2/7)

- 4 Interviews on SHIBUYA 109 (mobile site only) during the month of January.

A few words about those interviews by the way, as the first of them is available. According to various sources, in this interview Namie confirmed that a new album will be released this year. Moreover, apparently, she stated that she will do something "interesting" in the latter half of this year. What could it be? I can't really say if this is true or not for I can't access the site either. Anyway here is a link to the site you can find the interview on. But unfortunately it won't work unless you're using a japanese mobile phone.

- GROOVE LINE - J-Wave (1/10)
- RADIO ARENA - FM-Fuji (1/21)
- NACK ON TOWM - FM Nack 5 (1/22)
- Recomen - AM 1134 (1/23)
- ON 8! - bay fm (1/24)
- Wonderful GOGO - JFN (1/24)
- Young P - AM 1242 (1/25)
- COUNTDOWN JAPAN - Tokyo FM (1/27)
- Ontena - TBS Radio (2/3)
- AIR CRUISE - Fm Yokohama (2/3)

No information available yet.

Miscellaneous :: Damien - Yesterday at 12:15
Official Website revamped

Namie's official website has been revamped with a 'Baby Don't Cry' layout! It looks nice! The site also confirms that the cover with Namie eyes closed is for the CD+DVD edition, and that the other one is for the CD edition. Moreover, the official site has also been updated with Namie's schedule for the upcoming weeks, you can find it below. Lastly, in addition to the drama Himitsu no Hanazono tie-in (which will air in a few hours by the way), Baby Don't Cry will also be used in a CM for JOYSOUND.


Namie's official website

Media :: Damien - Monday at 19:07
Listen to the full version of 'Baby Don't Cry'

First of all, huge thanks to Kai, once again, for putting up the full version of the song on the site's guestbook! So, here is the full version of Namie's new single, "Baby Don't Cry". The song is 5min 19s long, and it's awesome. The beginning is so catchy! You can listen to the full song below or download it here or here. Many thanks to Kai once again!

Listen to the full version of 'Baby Don't Cry' :   

Pre-order the new single (CD+DVD) @ CDJapan / YesAsia US / YesAsia Glo / HMV / Amazon
Pre-order the new single (CD) @ CDJapan / YesAsia US / YesAsia Glo / HMV / Amazon

Media :: Damien - Sunday at 21:08
New preview of the new PV

Here is the preview of the PV of 'Baby Don't Cry' that was broadcasted yesterday on Mezamashi TV. Huge thanks to another_truth for sharing it! This clip shows new footage of the video, with Namie walking alone on a promenade, and then in a colourful park, and finally in the autumn park seen in previous clips. This is the best preview clip so far, quality-wise, and Namie looks gorgeous in it. You can download this clip here or here (Credits : another_truth) or you can watch it in streaming:

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Miscellaneous :: Damien - Sunday at 20:53
New single covers - correction

According to Kai, who posted a message on the site's guestbook, the cover picture with Namie eyes closed is in fact the cover of the CD+DVD edition! That means that the one with Namie eyes open is for the CD one. The information comes from Namie's fan club mobile site. Thank you very much, Kai!

                CD                                     CD+DVD

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New layout
I changed some things of the website layout, to make it look better. I hope you like the new amurox!

Media :: Damien - Friday at 13:26
'Baby Don't Cry' PV previews

Here is the preview of the PV of 'Baby Don't Cry' that aired today on various news programmes. Many thanks to LNany for sharing it! In the preview, Namie is depicted walking in a park, then in the street, and wearing a black coat and blue jeans. Her hair is straight and long in the preview too. Overall the video looks really nice and very different from her other videos! You can download the preview here or here (Credits : LNany) // Streaming link: (300k)

Source : Kyodo news

Here is another preview of the PV of 'Baby Don't Cry', many thanks to another_truth for sharing this clip! This preview is longer than the previous one (1:20 in length), and shows more Namie walking in the street. The video still looks really good and interesting! You can download this clip here or here (Credits : another_truth) // Streaming link: (~300k)

Pictures & Scans :: Damien - Friday at 10:15
'Baby Don't Cry' covers!

Here are the covers of Namie's new single, 'Baby Don't Cry' ! They look totally awesome. I don't know which one is for the CD+DVD version, and which one is for the CD one, but both look gorgeous.
- Edit : actually, the first one is for the CD edition, and the second is for the CD+DVD one

                 CD                                     CD+DVD

Source : max matsuura's blog

News :: Damien - Friday at 1:35
Preview of 'Baby Don't Cry'

A preview of the promotion video for Baby Don't Cry was broadcasted on Mezamashi TV, this morning. According to budonkadonk, Namie was depicted in an Autumn park, and was wearing a black coat, blue jeans, and a huge belt in the preview.

Credits : NATE (program details) // budonkadonk (details about the PV)

Miscellaneous :: Damien - 4 january at 17:52
Downtime - back!

As many of you have noticed, the site was not accessible during several hours today. This is due to the fact I upgraded my account to have more disk space and more monthly bandwidth, as the site is growing more and more. I'm really sorry for the downtime, and sorry for the inconvenience. I also did that because I'm setting up something for the site that is likely to use more bandwidth - not to mention a separate database was needed, too. I'm just testing a few things, and I might add something to the site; within the next few weeks. (but I've yet to take a decision about it) I'll keep you guys updated about it anyway

"Baby Don't Cry" is still up for listening!
Check my previous entry to download or to stream it!

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