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Strawberry Rhubarb Galette

Every year around this time I go a little nuts making strawberry desserts. Witness last year’s strawberry sweets frenzy: Mini Strawberry and Rum Pies, Strawberry Rhubarb Buckle, Strawberry Basil Sorbet. And those are just the ones that made the cut to become blog posts. Over Memorial Day weekend I went my friend Karol’s new apartment [...]

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Toasts with Chocolate, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt

“Good dark chocolate has bitter and acidic elements, as does good bread. In the kitchen, they are drawn to each other. They also couldn’t be easier to combine, especially in this recipe, where the four ingredients — bread, chocolate, olive oil, and salt — are left in their raw state, with just a dash of heat to [...]

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Raspberry Yogurt Popsicles

Recently a branch of People’s Pops opened in Park Slope. Pretty much everywhere I walk, I see kids and adults alike happily slurping fruity popsicles as they walk down the street. With the recent heat wave, it has become a strong test of willpower to not stop in when I walk by, which is practically everyday. I’ve [...]

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Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

How can you tell you’ve found the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe? I guess one logical answer is if you stop trying other chocolate chip cookie recipes. Another answer, I’ve discovered, is if you crave the cookies so much you would bake them in the middle of a heat wave. I should probably also mention [...]

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Watermelon and Mint Granita

If I had to name one favorite food from childhood, the food I can remember eating with total abandon, the clear answer would be watermelon. In family photo albums, there are pictures of me sitting on a stoop or a kitchen counter, at age 2 or 3, happily biting into slices of watermelon bigger than [...]

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Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies

I woke up on my 30th birthday last week just itching to bake. It was supposed to get up to 90 or 95 degrees that day, but I figured I could squeeze in some quick cookie-baking before my apartment got too warm. Recently I started baking more with whole wheat flour, as you might have [...]

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Mini Strawberry Rum Pies

Last weekend, it was finally gorgeous out after a month of rainy and chilly weather. Instead of lounging in the park, I spent most of it holed up indoors, editing the unbound galley pages of my cookbook, giving it the final check before it got sent to the printer. I barely left the house, sipped many [...]

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Whole Wheat S’More Cookies

I got inspired to bake these whole wheat s’more cookies after seeing Moonrise Kingdom on opening weekend and getting all happy-nostalgic for summer camp. I’m a total sucker for anything set in the 1960s or related to the New England coast, so I was completely sold on the movie after seeing the trailer in May. Set on [...]

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French Yogurt and Olive Oil Cake

Yesterday I wanted to bake a cake. Sure, it was a Monday, but since finding out over the weekend that my cookbook was now available for pre-order on Amazon (!!!), I wanted an excuse to celebrate. Or more accurately, I wanted an excuse to eat cake. But not a cake with frosting or layers or anything that [...]

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Strawberry Rhubarb Buckle

I can thank my first  job out of culinary school for introducing me to how wonderful strawberries and rhubarb can be together. The job was at an catering company in Manhattan that specialized in large-scale events. I worked in the pastry department, which meant that we could spend an entire day creating hundreds of portions [...]

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