I Love Boston Map

Anyone who visits my apartment is able to tell immediately that I’m a little obsessed with maps. I have maps everywhere: framed and hung on walls, on postcards tacked to my office bulletin board, even as Jenga tile magnets on my fridge. And if my map-making design class in May goes well, I’ll have a few hand-drawn ones to add to the walls too.

This embroidered map is a recent addition to my map decor, to show a little love for my hometown in light of recent events. It’s from Vintage Refashioned on Etsy, who is donating part of the proceeds to the Red Cross.

Right now the hearted map is just propped up on the bookcase unframed, but it might move around a bit. And I may need to get the matching Brooklyn one too.

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One Response to I Love Boston Map

  1. Elizabeth April 30, 2013 at 9:22 pm #

    Too cute! I love it!!!


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