Squibb Park Bridge in Photos

If you’ve ever wanted to walk across a bouncy bridge and rest assure it’s perfectly safe, here’s your chance.

Squibb Park Bridge recently opened as a much-needed (and scenic!) pedestrian link between the Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park. Whereas before you had walk a steep hill down Columbia Heights, then dodge traffic across the BQE before finally reaching the park, now you can access it via a 400-foot long zig zagging bridge, just a few steps from the northern end of Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

And it’s a pretty fun bridge too. First, there’s the bouncy effect, the result of some impressive engineering. And then there are the fantastic 360 degree views: Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge, and the park below. So set aside a couple hours and make a relaxing trip of it. Just be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and maybe some snacks, as it’ll be difficult to resist lounging on the grass afterwards.

Squibb Park Bridge
Entrance at Squibb Park
Intersection of Columbia Heights and Middagh Street
Brooklyn, NY

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